Asthma Case Management
AsthmaWin helps providers improve case management, customer outreach and analytics, ultimately reducing the costs associated with the readmission of Asthma Patients. The AsthmaWin mobile platform lays the foundation for encouraging patients to self-manage, and control their asthma.

Patient Provided Data Collection
The AsthmaWin mobile technology facilitates patient-provided data collection of asthmatic patients about peak flow meter readings and inhaler medication usage. The integrated Asthma Action Plan also facilitates sending automatic reminders to patients for medication, air quality warnings and upcoming appointments.

Proactively Reach Out
Push notifications, text messaging and e-mail helps healthcare providers to proactively reach out to patients once they’ve been released from the hospital, reminding them to take medications and report back on their peak flow meter reading.

Patient Relation Management
Once patients start using the app and inputting the simple data, we centralize it using a Customer Relation Management (CRM) and Personal Health Record (PHR) system, which allows our system and clinicians to analyze and automatically detect which of those patients are at risk of returning to the hospital. The people at greatest risk of returning are moved to an outpatient setting, to a clinic, or to a physician that is part of the health organization, for care. Instead of having the patient return to the hospital for a $3,000 hospitalization and $750 emergency room visit, the patient can now see the physician for a nonemergency, regular $100 physician visit.

Patient Education
For patients with a chronic disease, there is a need for continued patient education as well as ongoing documentation of symptoms, medication and side effects. Our integrated Personal Health Record (PHR) opens up many other possibilities for two-way conversation between patient and healthcare workers.

Real-time Patient Communication and Data
Our application provides an opportunity to facilitate communications as well as make the consumer an active part in the management of their care. With digital technology there is the opportunity to provide dynamic data communication and real-time patient education specifically at the point of care. A healthcare portal integrated with our Personal Health Record (PHR) and AsthmaWin will improve the dialogue between patient and healthcare worker and improve the patient’s overall health.

The AsthmaWin technology facilitates patient-provided data collection through text message queries to asthma patients about peak flow meter readings, and medication adherence facilitates sending reminders to patients on the importance of managing their own asthma.


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