About CooperSoft

CooperSoft has a leadership team with strong complimentary skills and experience. With Healthcare, Digital Media and policy expertise in Internet and Wireless communications spanning over 25 years, the team is an innovative group able to grow the company to achieve its goals and aspirations.  We understand that it is not just about management, but it’s about rolling up your sleeves and getting the job done. All are committed to the schedule and hours required to make a company successful.  Not only working hard, but working smart.

CooperSoft brings together the interconnectivity between the user, healthcare provider, managed care company, pharmaceutical company and drug retailer to manage, control and treat asthma.

With AsthmaWin, CooperSoft enters the market with a mobile technology solution and repeatable framework for chronic disease patients.

Why do people need AsthmaWin?

There are 23 million Americans who have asthma, including some 6.7 million children. Asthma impacts physical, psychological, social wellbeing and quality of life for many individuals. The financial costs of asthma, for uncontrolled and poorly controlled asthma, are substantial, both for individuals and for society. Overall, the economic burden due to asthma, ranging from hospitalizations to lost wages, has been estimated to be as much as $19.7 billion.

Mobile Technology
AsthmaWin provides a mobile technology platform for patients, providers, health insurance companies, managed care companies, and pharmaceutical companies to reduce the cost for treating Asthma.


For more information, please contact email info@coopersoft.com or call  (301) 249-0408.