Find out about the latest CooperSoft product AsthmaWin.

Why do people need AsthmaWin?

There are 24 million Americans who have asthma, including some 9 million children. Asthma impacts physical, psychological, social wellbeing and quality of life for many individuals. The financial costs of asthma, for uncontrolled and poorly controlled asthma, are substantial, both for individuals and for society. Overall, the economic burden due to asthma, ranging from hospitalizations to lost wages, has been estimated to be as much as $19.7 billion.

AsthmaWin is the first digital mobile application that ties the clinician’s asthma action plan to an asthma patient’s daily management actions program.  The app also features a comprehensive notification and reminder system, as well as a personal coaching and motivation/rewards program to assist in adherence and compliance.

Personal Disease Management Dial™ – Interactively manages the daily workflow for personal asthma management.

Automatic Air Quality Alerts and Forecasts – So you can plan your day accordingly.

Daily Peak Flow and Photo Verification – Quickly lets you record your peak flow meter reading values at any time of the day.

Photo Verification for Medication Adherence and Compliance – Easily point and shoot using the on-board camera.

Journaling and Health History – Touch and tap to easily record your symptoms and visualize your health.

Friendly Notifications, Texts and E-mail Reminders – For medication adherence, based on your personal Asthma Action Plan.

The Asthma Scoreboard and Today’s Score – Motivates and rewards you along the way to make your daily disease management process a more fun and compelling experience.

Asthma Action Plan – Your full Asthma Action Plan is stored and logically integrated in to the app making it easy to reference and provide you the right coaching and medication recommendations based on your exercise activity, symptoms, peak flow reading or triggers.

Visit the consumer web site for more details and features of the mobile app.